“We are beyond thrilled with the results from the first official ACT test from Sept 10th. Our son has only been working with Ron for about 6 weeks but his composite ACT score went up four points! These sessions with Ron are extremely valuable and go far beyond just test prep…. There were a number of grammar and math concepts that our son just didn’t quite understand. I am pleased that we started the ACT test prep sessions at the beginning of junior year, because I think he will be a stronger student for the rest of high school and beyond as a result of these test prep sessions with Ron.” -Pleasanton Mom (Source: Email)

“I wanted to thank you for all of your patience and help with my daughter.  I also want to share with you the best news…. she scored a 32 on her first official ACT test!  We are all elated as this was her goal score, and higher than she had done on any of the practice tests.  Thanks for all you have done for our family!” – Leslie (Source: Email)

“I have been using Pleasanton Tutoring for over one year now, and highly recommend their tutors.  They are not only extremely professional, but care greatly about teaching the kids.  Aqib has been patient, firm, caring and creative while working with my not-so-focused son.  The attention has helped his confidence as well as his academic performance.  Aqib shows how much he cares in his teaching, and is good in many different areas.” –  Connie H. (Source: yelp.com)

“Thank you so much for your time and dedication while working with my daughter.  She opened her SAT scores up and was extremely pleased with her results.  And so are we!  You allowed her to focus, listen and expand her math and vocabulary –  which was huge!  These scores gave her the extra boost she needed.  Please feel free to use us as a reference, you ROCK!!!” — Mike F. (Source: Email)

“I LOVE Pleasanton tutoring!!!!! I have all A’s because of their help:))” Laura H. (Source: Facebook)

“Thank you for sending us Aqib, he was awesome.   [Our daughter] said she learned more from him in two hours than she has learned the entire 10th grade with her current Math teacher.   We look forward to continuing tutoring with Aqib.” – Mary (Source: yelp.com)

“We have been using Pleasanton Tutoring since last spring.  Our primary purpose was to get some help for our daughter in math.  However, our tutor has also helped prepare her for the standardized tests.  We have definitely seen improvements in math, and our daughter feels much more prepared for the SAT and ACT, which are rapidly approaching.  Our tutor  has been terrific.  He is knowledgeable, professional, reliable and flexible.  We are very pleased.” -Sandra B. (Source: yelp.com)

“Love Pleasanton Tutoring. Amazing tutors who bring out the best in their students. Wonderful management. Highly recommended.” Ray O. (Source: Facebook)

“This review is for Adiam, who has been an amazing help for everyone in our family.  She helps us gets organized, takes all the stress out of homework and everyone’s grades have improved.  Yeah, Adiam – thank you!” –  Larry J. (Source: yelp.com)

“Aqib and the folks at Pleasanton Tutoring have really helped my child with math, science and standardized test prep. They have expertise across all subjects and are very flexible. I really appreciate how smart, committed, and professional everyone is. Aqib has been amazing and really knows how to help students understand complex material and organize notes and materials for success.” –  Agnes I. (Source: yelp.com)

“We absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE Elena!  She is an excellent tutor!  Patient, kind, always prepared, responsive and has gone out of her way to accommodate my daughter’s crazy schedule! She printed out extra worksheets for my daughter to do with her before a test and guess what?  My daughter got a 54.5/55 on the test!  99%!
Thank you for sending her to us!  We have been spreading the word about Pleasanton tutoring!” – Karen D.

“Awesome place!  I have Aqib as my tutor and he is pretty much THE BEST. I can’t even begin to say how great of a tutor he is! He seriously is a total boss. Before having Aqib as my tutor, math really didn’t make sense to me at all, and I was bombing most of my tests. Now, I’m one of the top students in my math class!  He really works hard to suit your learning style and is always finding new and fun ways to teach his students.” – Kea L. (Source: yelp.com)

“I’ve had Dominic as a math tutor for over a year now (since the beginning of my sophomore year). In that time, my understanding of classroom math content has significantly increased, as has my ability to grasp new concepts easily. Dominic goes beyond the text lesson, and explains the root of difficult concepts. This allows me to think outside the box on tests, where understanding the derivation of a particular forumla or law can be very beneficial. I am currently doing better in my math class then ever before in my high school career.” – Nima A. (Source: yelp.com)

“Aqib Kahn has tutored my son for the pass three months and has done a wonderful job. He reviews, explains and summarizes my son’s homework and has really made a difference in his understanding of the subjects. My son is no longer frustrated with his work as his confidence in himself has improved. Thank you Aqib.” – Marion S. (Source: yelp.com)

“Pleasanton Tutors has really helped in my understanding and success in Chemistry. Aqib (my tutor) helps me streamline what I need to know and understand to be successful in this class and gives me ideas of how to best use my study time as well as clear up confusion from class lectures. My grade has gone from a 72% to an 85% since starting tutoring. I would highly recommend this company to anyone who needs an extra boost in a difficult class =) Thanks Aqib!” – Amber R. (Source: yelp.com)

“This is definitely a 5 star business! It starts with the business owner Amanda Brown.  She is very knowledgeable and helpful and gives great advice and guidance…especially for those of you who need help through the high school/college process with your first child.  She has excellent, professional tutors who are able to tutor from elementary through A/P high school courses and college admissions.   Our tutor, Aqib Kahn, is the very best!  He has been tutoring our children (a 6th grader and Junior) since last school year.   He is very professional, motivating, patient, kind and is an extremely talented teacher.    My children LOVE LOVE LOVE Aqib!  They come out of their tutoring sessions so jazzed and excited and really lifted by their time spent with him.  They say things like “Aqib is the best!” “Aqib makes everything so easy to understand”; “Aqib never gets frustrated…he teaches you step by step until you understand”, “Aqib makes learning fun”.  These are just a few of the things our children say about him.   With Aqib’s help, our daughter was able to achieve a 4.0 last year, and she was taking honors and A/P classes! I have referred Aqib to many of my friends and they all say the same wonderful things about him. I have used other tutoring agencies, but Pleasanton Tutoring, by far, is the best (and very reasonable too)!” – Pleasanton R. (Source: yelp.com)

“This Review is for both Pleasanton Tutoring and Expert Tutor Aqib Khan. We searched for a near-by agency with a science tutor through the Internet. We were attracted to the Pleasanton Tutoring web site. Pleasanton Tutoring’s web site is very well designed. The most impressive thing is that it includes a brief bio for all its tutors.  We called the business office and quickly settled with Aqib Khan as the candidate of choice. Aqib is a very knowledgeable tutor in the science domain. He has been very organized and prepared well before every tutoring session. After 4 sessions, we have seen significant grade improvement results. We are very impressed and satisfied.” – J. F. (Source: yelp.com)

She is extremely knowledgeable in many subjects from elementary level to high school levels. She is consistently energetic and seems to intuit where time should be spent. My grades have improved since working with her. She, and Pleasanton Tutoring are both amazing. Not only are they good tutors, but they act as mentors in many ways.” – Jon. H. (Source: yelp.com)

“Wow! What a difference! I used Pleasanton Tutoring for my 8th grade son who was struggling in math and science. The tutor was so sweet, patient, and incredible… within a couple months my son had improved his grades (even getting 100% on tests!!). They helped him with homework, preparing for tests, and got him excited about school again! We couldn’t be happier with Pleasanton Tutoring, or more proud of our son!” – Brenda C. (Source: yelp.com)

“Elena has been tutoring our daughter for about a year and it has helped her grades, improved her confidence and strengthened her study habits. Elena has been terrific to work with and she offers flexibility with her schedule to meet the needs of our family. We highly value and appreciate the support she offers our daughter.” – Carol S. (Source: yelp.com)

“Hi. I contacted Pleasanton Tutoring in June of 2011 in hopes that they could assist my daughter with her reading and reading comprehension.  I have been impressed with the professionalism along with the way they are able to utilize their time together.   We are currently working with a young woman, Adiam, who has great ideas and is thoroughly focused on my daughter during their session.  She shows up on time, has help improved my daughters reading level, and gives her the one-on-one attention that she needs.  Not only has my daughters spelling, reading level, and comprehension level improved, but she is now more interested in those subjects!” – Nicole M. (Source: yelp.com)

“I wanted to share with you how happy we were to have Hannah as the tutor for our daughter.  Last summer, my daughter took a practice ACT thru Pleasanton Tutoring to see if she should consider the ACT as a test to take for college admissions.  Without any study or preparation for the test, she got a score of 29 and felt that she preferred the faster pace of the ACT over the SAT. Fast forward a few months and I contacted Pleasanton Tutoring to suggest a tutor who had a lot of experience with the ACT.  Jessica suggested Hannah to us and we could not have been happier.  Not only is she a totally knowledgeable tutor in the ACT, but she has such an open and inviting personality that she made tutoring as enjoyable as possible for my daughter.  Hannah was always on time for her appointments, prepared to teach, and very accommodating to fit our changing schedules.  I was so happy with her that I recommended her to another family, and I know that they are thrilled to have her tutoring their son as well. To add the cherry on top, my daughter took her ACT a couple of weeks ago and her scores came back.  She received at 35 on her ACT and I know that would not have been possible had it not been for Hannah’s tutoring and coaching. It is such a weight off of her shoulders to know that she has a solid score to rely on for her future college applications, and it is all due to Hannah’s expertise.” – Pleasanton Mom (Source: Email)

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