Some students may occasionally experience mild test anxiety that can affect their academic performance. We see this most often when there is a trend that students do well on homework and feel prepared going into exams, but then feel anxiety during test time and receive lower scores as a result. Here are a few ideas to help your student overcome anxiety and have a sense of confidence and peace during tests:

  1. Check out Youtube for some great test anxiety meditations. Student should listen to these recordings at least twice a day for 2 weeks to see results. Here is one we like:
  2. There are also a large number of great apps available on android and apple phones. If you do a search in Google, search for “test anxiety apps” and you’ll find highly-rated apps ready to download for easy listening.
  3. Breathe in, breath out. Breathing techniques are the easiest way to help mild test anxiety. Here is one we love:
    • Sit comfortably.
    • Take a long, deep breath and exhale it slowly while saying the word “relax” silently.
    • Close your eyes.
    • Let yourself take ten natural, easy breaths. Count down with each exhale, starting with “ten.”
    • This time, while you are breathing comfortably, notice any tensions, perhaps in your jaw or forehead or stomach. Imagine those tensions loosening.
    • When you reach “one,” open your eyes again.
  4. Do timed practice exams at home to simulate the testing environment. Timed practice tests help students get a sense of familiarity with the test questions, the time limitation (vs homework which is done at a relaxing pace), and feel more confident for in-class tests because they “have done this before.”
  5. Consult a therapist for moderate to severe test anxiety. Moderate-severe levels of test anxiety can have underlying causes that may need to be addressed. There are several great therapists in the Tri-Valley area that help with test anxiety.

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